Monday, 25 March 2013

Process on Interior and Exterior

Been Working pretty fast on nailing down this environment in the landscape, as you can see from the previous shots I have been trying to nail down the lighting and lead the player to the focal point. I still feel like this needs some work, have been advised to take lighting out every now and then and just redo it to see if I can come up with stuff I like more. Added some pipes and other sections as well as panning mist and animated floor sections which adds a bit of movement in engine. 

Also been working on the outside which at the moment (until I finish the Interior) is just a placement job, I did make another rock mesh and a couple of decals to fade of snow and moss in areas. The outside really needs linking together with this interior by building the base outside. Should be a fairly quick job as the I will use a lot of the interior pieces. Also want to put little areas of interest as you walk through the landscape too.

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