Sunday, 17 February 2013

Update on Progress

Thought I would post the concept for the environment, just roughed out a quick proof of concept to try and decide on placement. Below is some updates to the level, started populating stuff with vegetation

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Variation in Rocks

Been Placing Rock meshes in the level, got some critique when posting my portfolio to a couple of websites. Someone mentioned some of my work was a little noisy, and as these rocks are granite based rocks they have a tendency to be quite noisy. I reduced the dappled effect they have in the texture and also drew attention to the edges by hand painting a cavity type feel. These looks a little odd in Max but in Engine the effect is not quite as strong.

Here is some rock variation I have been testing in the level to see how much variety I could achieve with just two rock meshes.

Rock Final Sculpts

Here are some Rock Sculpts and a baked version with Texture. I plan on having a large, medium and then small scattered of tiny rocks, these are the big and medium ones. If I need more variations I can always model some more as these take about a day to sculpt, retopologize, bake and texture 

Terrain Update FMP

Now I have finished working on the Speedo Project I can now start my FMP, Been using the original Base of the terrain to re-sculpt and re-texture the base landscape.  I can then make some low poly surrounding landscape to fix the squareness of the surrounding terrain. I have also been basing the terrain on an actual place which has given me a basis for modelling and texturing. I am following Mount Titiroa in Fiordland National Park

Now I have a basic shape for the terrain and Playable area I will be modelling detailing assets and tileable textures to detail playable areas. These will be Rocks, Sand, Stone, Moss and Grass following the authenticity of the original New Zealand location.