Thursday, 20 December 2012

FMP Progress

Been planning out my Terrain area for the FMP over last couple of days. I did a few Art tests prior to this to see the effect that I could get. Been following a tutorial which sculpts a rough terrain block-out in Mudbox and uses a separate program called World Machine to add Erosion type effects as a basis for more sculpting.

Below you can see the Mudbox sculpt and also the test scene in Cryengine. I plan to use the terrain as a basis for geometry that I will add around the playable areas.

Can now do some concepting on top of this to block out my ideas further

Final Vehicle Renders

Meant to upload these but just got round to it now. Tweaked a few things in Cryengine including Lighting and adding skybox and such.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Video Flythrough

Vehicle ScreenShots in Cry

Got the vehicle in Cryengine before hand in the other day so thought I would post the progress, I hadn't altered any effects just what it looked like in a blank scene. I also was planning on getting the animation and doing a quick fly-through as well.