Thursday, 7 March 2013

Paintovers and a change in direction

Below is a screenshot of the level with one of the buildings in the level, I also created some paint overs for building designs to see if I could find an interesting design. 

After fighting with this stuff for a week or so I finally decided to throw it in the bin and admit defeat, something was just off to me and if I design something hate I find it hard to get on board and motivate myself to work on it. I made the decision after trying the interior of a leg in the level and feeling how linear and boring it was. So I took it in a completely different direction.

I blocked out a quick idea I had in the level using solids, I wanted to create an environment that was more implemented into the environment, the shapes were loosely based off helms deep from lord of the rings, but I was much happier with this.

I then did a quick couple of paint over's to determine some ideas, I also tried to implement some of the previous ideas so it wasn't a complete waste of my time

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