Thursday, 7 March 2013

Update on Terrain and Grass

After looking closely at the terrain I wanted to work on some areas I was unhappy with, the image below illustrates the terrain as it was (circled in red) I was unhappy with this because it looked a little messy and not natural. I re sculpted and blocked in a new area seen below. This needs pulling up a little for better sillouette but the basis is there. 

I also have been working on the layout for the playable area leading up to the mountains, I knew I wanted a waterfall for the main sci-fi building so I worked out a river and pool system as I didn't want the river ending at the sea so to distribute the volume of water I put in the pools.

I also posted the work on Polycount which was useful for some critique, something that was pulled out was the grass wasn't as strong as the other elements of the environment. I looked at more referance of grass as I wanted a highland feel, I lowered the grass, thickened it up and gave another model which I coloured with a more yellow hue. It was also taller and a lot thinner to give a nice variety. I used the colour of the terrain to influence the colour of the grass which allows me to paint in different bands of colours to give a nice variety for the landscape as you run through. 

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