Thursday, 7 March 2013

Working on building

I am currently at a fairly happy stage with the Landscape so its time to move on to the building that will sit within the mountain, this unfortunately has been causing me a lot of agro. I initially wanted a sci-fi building with plating so I started by looking at nature particularly Coconut crabs (pictured below). I made a quick 3d kit bash and started using symmetry and modelling towers on top to get some ideas, I scrapped this fairly quickly as the designs looked fairly generic.

After looked further into the crabs I really liked there pose and position of legs so thought that I could possible create a walking building with legs that the player could enter through to gain access to the building, these legs would drill themselves into the landscape to anchor the building. Below are some quick leg design kit bashes, with the final designs below.

I made these into quick building blockouts below, with final leg positions below.

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