Friday, 5 April 2013

Easter Break

Took a couple of days off at the weekend to try and recuperate and take a visual break from my work, really getting into the swing of things again now and balancing the Exterior and Interior Base as well as the landscape is giving me lots of good breaks visually to stop my eyes getting bored of looking at the same thing.

Not much has changed to the interior just more unwrapping and adding a nice contrast to the focal point with some long draped flags, I needed to take a visual break from the Interior and focus a bit more on the outside because that was falling behind 

 Here is a shot from the towers in the distance, been working on modelling these this week using a lot of existing interior stuff which has meant they have been made and placed in about a day. I also wanted to try and blend the hard surface stuff into the landscape, having a mixture of rocky landscape and Sci-fi closer up.
The idea is that you will enter the interior through the back and work your way to the outside.

Also made some more meshes and textures for the outside including a pine tree which I got some reference and textures for while I was at home. Also planning on making some small bushes and lower grand vegetation to break up the floor a bit more. 


After some Critique of Polycount and Cry-Dev, boosted exterior lighting and brightened shadows :D

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