Monday, 29 April 2013

Level Jam

Way back in the group project we organised a day where we all worked on the level and incorporated changes in engine that we thought were needed. This really helped to get a fresh perspective on the project and make some new stuff. I organised a similar thing at Uni with other 3rd years where we switched around each others levels and worked on everyone's stuff for 40 minutes. It went really well and everyone seemed to take the changes made on board. Below are some suggestions to what people wanted in my level.

Ant wanted some minor props so mocked up some chairs, book stand and plinth. He thought it had a religious feel to it, although I am not to fond of putting chairs where you are supposed to walk in I will be incorporating some smaller props. 

Max added these little sentinel bots which animated around the environment and scanned the crystal, which I always planned to do. I will definitely be adding some sort of animated bot, however as this is a blatant rip off from the bots in Halo I will be changing the design to be a bit more original! 

Matt made these big ships that are docking on the base on the outside. He mentioned the shapes were designed off  bones as he knew I used something similar for the design of the base. The ship in the last shot was animated to fly overhead which looked really impressive, especially if I put some sound in. Again this will be a case of redesigning stuff. 

Rich did me a nice Paint-over which really helped illustrate his ideas for the crystal. I especially like the small crystal fragments that are floating beside the crystal. This is definitely something I will be playing with as well as making the light source the crystal itself. 

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