Monday, 13 May 2013

Update on Exterior progress

So been working Hard to try and get this finished to a really polished level. Its definitely getting there now just a few more bits left to populate on the outside. Finally got round to replacing the Skybox with a sky that was a bit closer to the sunset vibe I was going for.  Got a few more textures to finish off as well such as the piece below. 

Working on the transition from outside to the interior which was causing me some weird issues with the Vis Areas and portals and I have finally fixed that with some flow-graphing and now the transition is nice and seamless. Got the Vault style door in and animated too which looks Bad ass. 

Also been getting the exterior base all cleaned up and finished, Now that the door is in place it looks a lot nicer and more finished, always helps when you get rid of a giant hole in the level! 

I have wrote myself a little list of things to finish off now so can almost taste the celebratory pint at the end :)

Here are some of the things I have left to finish off for the outside 

-Finish population 
-Door textures
-Pillar for outside base
-Replace and update some terrain textures

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