Friday, 27 June 2014

PodRacer Final Shots

I have finally finished the PodRacer scene, Finally! Below are the final shots :)

I am glad its done and I have learnt a lot from doing it especially texturing the pod racer, I am planning on doing a breakdown soon for that so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

I am fairly happy with the shots but I have definitely learnt to scale things back, for my next project I will definitely be reigning it in so I can focus more on the quality and not take as long to finish something. I was still working at the scale of my Uni Projects; where I was doing the same thing constantly but now I just don't have the same time so I know it be better to focus it down. Also nailing a good blockout first will really help me so I don't go mad with the scale. Its good at the end having lots of shots to mess about with but I rather just get two or three amazing ones. 

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