Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sebulba's Podracer

Small update on personal work, as been super busy with the release of Need for Speed Rivals, but its doing really well so all good news.

I got a bit tired of working on my Reactor Environment so to avoid boredom I decided to balance two projects in my spare time as this allows me to keep it fresh and keep pushing the quality and improvement from piece to piece. I started making Sebulba's Podracer from Star Wars, and the plan is to make a diorama desert environment to pose it in.

Here is the high poly as it stands now which is pretty close to finished but it needs some more work on the front piping as each side is unique. Once I have finished with this I will be making the low poly and moving onto texturing. The plan is to render this ready for PBR which once all the materials are set up should look really sweet.

I also made a start on the Terrain which it will be posed in once its all finished. I plan on making a couple of tileable terrain textures and some nice rocks that I can place around the immediate area of the ship. I am also thinking about a possible crashed spinning through the air image but depending on how well the in tact version turns out I may or may not make.

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