Monday, 9 September 2013

New Project: The Reactor

So I feel like its time to reveal a bit of what I have been working on in my personal time while not working hard on Rivals, In an effort to address things I want to get stronger at I have planned to make an environment using only High poly to Low poly Workflows.

Currently I am planning to Develop this environment with PBR which should bring it into the next Gen quite nicely, can't show any of that yet though! I wanted to choose an existing concept so I didn't spend time trying to design a scene. The concept I am using is the following;

This is a concept for Mass effect created by Brian Sum, which I grabbed permission to use but I thought it would be a nice test of High poly skills.

I figured I would stick with standard textures for now, making use of DDO for the main props, once material definition is nailed I can then move onto using the Metallic and Roughness textures, assuming I keep it clean it should be fairly easy to translate. I started by making a blockout that I could run around and then moved into production on the main support beams that hold the centre piece in place. Still not decided whether these should animate yet.

Above is a shot of the High Poly for this piece, uses about 3 textures at the moment. Below is a shot in UDK but as I plan on making this environment for PBR anyway I figured it would be quicker to put it together in CryEngine as its just simply faster (no Lightmaps etc, Better Lighting)

Edit: Thought I show a render with textures, as I was really trying to nail an oily kinda feel for the dark metal, and a worn more chipped feel for the other types. 

Still got some balancing on the texture side, as the greens are looking a little yellow at the moment, and I need some cooler blues in the metals to match the concept. 

I then moved on to creating and floor and Trims texture, which I modelled instead of NDO, following some advice from work, as NDO doesn't create as good results. Baking gives a much better AO as well, and for DDO creating a colour map from high poly is a lot quicker than manually doing it in photoshop. Here are the textures for the floor and trim as they look currently but I have done no texturing, this is purely the baked textures with AO etc

Will Upload a shot of the environment once I have made a bit more progress on it.

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