Saturday, 10 November 2012

Vehicle WIP

This is the current progress on the vehicle this week, not had much time to work on it as I have been busy with FMP stuff. Below is the first block-out based on a mixture of the concepts I did. After getting to this stage there were a lot of aspects I was unhappy with. After sourcing some feedback, the most obvious issue was the vehicle had a mixture of functions, I was combining a fast speeder buggy with a more truck like design. This posed questions such as what was its function, where does the driver sit etc. 

After the feedback I decided to work out what function I wanted to opt for, I decided to go for a transport fairly fast moving all terrain buggy type of thing. I refined a section at the back to carry stuff and the middle section to carry extra passengers. I also added an open cab at the front (now obvious were the driver would sit) This was inspired a bit by the dinotopia stuff. I also decided to fill out the wheels and am planning to make them big gripping tyres. Still got like half the tris left so got loads left to model.

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