Sunday, 7 December 2014

Mech update

I decided a couple of weeks ago to make a mech with a small diorama with the aim to  focus on something smaller so I can focus on quality and not lose interest. 

I did a terrain sculpt which is a river bed with rocks mud and grass below. 

The following are some wip shots of the mech, its based of a concept by Peter Sutherland, its supposed to be something that quite industrial and functional but also could defend itself if need be. I am aiming to break this down into a few stages for the high poly because I really want to try abd push myself in terms of quality

  • High Poly Blockout - figure out silhouette and get design working in 3d
  • Match Concept -  Split the model into parts and focus on nailing all the major shapes from the concept, splitting allows to focus in on certain areas so it doesn't become overwhelming. 
  • 'Paul Pepera Pass'  - Detail everything until it matches the quality of paul's work, piece by piece.
I have currently just finished the Match concept stage, as you can see a few things have changed, I have redesigned the cab and legs to improve the silhouette and make it look more interesting in those areas. 

Here is the original concept 

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